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At Money G's, we strive to keep our tournaments and events fair, so many of our sanctionedTCG events require our players to produce their decklists. Click the link to the form on the left, fill it out, and bring it with you to the next event.

Don't want to write out your decklist every time, or you want to make changes.  Then click the button above and use  You can edit, publish, and create new decklists for all your favorite card games.  Simply bring us the 8-digit code and you're all set!

Entry in any of our weekly events is $5 per participant.  Monthly events are $15 per participant.

Players are required to produce a decklist for any sanctioned event for these card games:

Magic: The Gathering, Force of Will, Pokémon TCG

What is a sanctioned event?

A sanctioned event is any event that has 8 or more people participating, and gives sanctioned rewards for its respective game, like Planeswalker Points for Magic: The Gathering.  If there are less than 8 participants, then the event is casual and sanctioned rules no longer apply.  Casual events do not require decklists.


Weekly Event Prizes are determined based on number of players in any given tournament, at the rate of 2 booster packs per player.  Total prize pool will be announced at the beginning of each event.  Monthly prizes are determined and announced at the beginning of each month.

Event Rules

Events Calendar


Dungeons & Dragons @ 5:00PM

Star Wars: X-Wing @ 6:00PM


Family Game Night @1:00PM until closing


Dungeons & Dragons @ 5:00PM

Heroclix Casual Events @ 6:00PM


Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced @ 6:00PM


Friday Night Magic Starting at 7:00PM

Casual Draft @ 7:00PM

Modern Tournament @ 8:30PM

Casual Open Play Until 10:00PM


Magic: The Gathering  Commander's League @ 5:00PM (Saturdays)

Pokemon Trainers' Club 3:00PM-6:00PM (Sundays)


Standard MTG Starts @ 3PM (Sundays)

Star Wars: Destiny @ 3PM (Sundays)

Saturdays and Sundays also offer a variety of events ranging from special formats to custom parties.  Stop in or call us at (845) 733-1824 to schedule a party or event in our Gamer's Arena for your next birthday, anniversary or event.

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